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File name changes Ver 6 to Ver 7

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TAS Professional Powered by CAS. Since version 6 released from BTI has many new features as well as stabilization of the entire system. Most of these changes are internal in nature but on the outside we have made some program name changes you as the programmer need to be aware of.


Name Changes after release if TAS Professional powered by CAS as of version 7.1 Build 9.

               TAS professional 6 filename                NEW TAS professional 7 filename

TAS IDE/Compiler       TAS6.EXETASPRO7.EXE When you run this program in a folder it will re-name the TAS7.ini to taspro.ini.


TAS Runtime               TP6RUNTIME.EXETASRUNTIME.EXE When you run this program in a folder it will re-name the TAS7.ini to taspro.ini.


Developer Setup          TP6SETUP.EXE                TP7SETUP.EXE


Runtime Setup         TP6RTSETUP.EXE                TP7RTSETUP.EXE


TASEXECUTER          TPEXECUTE.EXETASEXECUTE.EXE Note: use this program to run TASPRO on multiple projects so for development you only need one copy of TAS Professional on your system.


TASPRO INI file          TAS7.INITASPRO.INI  when using the IDE/COMPILER the runtime or the TAS Executer the program will upgrade your TAS7.ini file to the new name TASPRO.INI you have in your systems.


       HTML HELP                N/A                                TAS7DOCS.CHM  New help format as of version

Help CNT                   TP6DOCS.CNTTAS7DOCS.CNT
PDF Manual               TP6DOCS.PDFTAS7DOCS.PDF


Report painter             RBDsgnr.exeRBDsgnr.exe   no change




Btrieve re index           TP6RNDXBTRV.EXETASRNDXBTRV.EXE


There are no database or dictionary changes in this upgrade. We have tried to make these filename changes and programs so they will do automatic upgrade to the new taspro.ini file for you. If you have any questions please feel free to email your questions to us at  All other features and functions added to the system are documented in this publication.        





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