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TAS Professional powered by CAS comes included with a Peer to Peer and a 10 user C/S version of the codebase database engine included to use with your TAS Professional applications. This is a short introduction to codebase. If you need to use codebase in other applications other then TAS PRO you will need to purchase your own copy of codebase.


If you are using codebase on a C/S and need more users you will have to purchase your own server. However there is still a licence to use TAS Pro in C/S.


For information feel free to contact us. Or Contact then on there website at


Codebase Introduction

The CodeBase family of high-performance database programming tools provides a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of almost any application. Our solutions work with all popular operating systems and programming languages.


Use CodeBase when you need database access locally, in a shared network environment, or over the Internet.



Our high-performance database engine allows you to query millions of records in a single second. You can perform bulk appends, edits and deletes at speeds that are impossible with other products.


Enterprise-Level Solutions

Use the power of CodeBase to handle even the most demanding requirements. Your applications can share databases across your network, or around the world using the client/server model. The CodeBase Database Server protects your data with security features which you can administer remotely.

Execute powerful SQL queries in your application or through any tool that supports ODBC.
Use ADO or ADO .NET with our CodeBase SQL.
Call CodeBase engine functions directly from your source code.
Use our report writer to create reports which you can run within your application.


Constrained Environments

CodeBase is not limited to desktop computer platforms. It can run on constrained environments such as PDAs or embedded devices. Applications built with CodeBase for Windows CE 4.0, CodeBase for Pocket PC, or CodeBase for J2ME load fast and use a minimum of system resources.



CodeBase allows royalty-free distribution for all supported configurations, including client/server. This means you can even distribute the CodeBase server engine and all associated utilities free from royalties.


FoxPro, dBASE and Clipper File Support

CodeBase supports multi-user file compatibility with the data, index and memo files of FoxPro, dBASE and Clipper. Thousands of commercial applications directly use or import/export data in the xBASE format.


Large Files

The maximum table size is 4.2 billion gigabytes (4,611,686,018,427,387,904 bytes) under both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. This is large enough for any application today or in the foreseeable future.



Check out the complete list of features that have made CodeBase an award-winning database engine for many years.


Product Features

Flexible Engine API

The CodeBase Engine API provides comprehensive database functionality under all popular development environments and operating systems. You get a complete set of high and low-level capabilities. High-level functions let you accomplish a lot in a single function call while low-level functions let you do precisely what you want.


Furthermore, the Engine API is easy to learn. This is because of its modular well organized design, intuitive function names, and full documentation. It includes a comprehensive User's and Reference Guides with lots of examples.


Blazing Access Speed - Turbo-charges your applications

Our high performance database engine allows you to query millions of records in a single second. You can perform bulk appends, edits and deletes at speeds that are impossible with other products. We even expose our 'low-level' API to give you every opportunity to tweak your application for maximum speed. CodeBase includes full support for multi-threaded standalone and client/server applications. You can see how fast CodeBase will work for you by reviewing some of our speed demo benchmark results, or experience it yourself by downloading our speed demo. Also, you can refer to our Precision Query Technology.


Portability - Added flexibility

Does your application need to run on more than one platform? If so, you'll be glad to know that there are versions of CodeBase available for every major operating system including Windows XP, 2000, NT, Me, 98, 95, CE, OS/2, DOS, Macintosh, Linux, and a variety of UNIX platforms including Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX, AIX, SCO and others. 64-bit operating system support is also available.


The CodeBase Engine API is virtually same between all supported programming languages, allowing ease of development in more than one language.


FoxPro, dBASE & Clipper File Compatibility: A High-Performing Standard

CodeBase-powered applications are multi-user file compatible with FoxPro, dBASE and Clipper (xBASE). You can read and write the data, index and memo files of xBASE at the same time as xBASE.

Enjoy great performance using xBASE files for several reasons. First, the internal xBASE algorithms are simple and efficient, and the database files compress well which minimizes disk I/O. The format also lets you split a database across different disk drives allowing you to increase disk I/O throughput as much as necessary. Finally, operating system disk defragmentation utilities work excellently on xBASE files which allows maximum efficiency.


The xBASE database format is one of the most popular in the world. Thousands of software products either use or import/export data in the xBASE format. Consequently, you can use CodeBase with many development tools and applications.


SQL programmers will appreciate the unique record number field with super fast record retrieval (no index is required) and no storage overhead. One last benefit for xBASE programmers is that the corresponding API option will be intuitive and easy to use.



Access databases across your network or across the Internet. Take advantage of the performance, stability and remote administration of client/server.


Very Easy to Deploy - Reduces distribution and update headaches

Installing or updating applications built with the CodeBase Native API is incredibly easy! Simply deliver a single DLL, or even statically link CodeBase into your C/C++ applications for zero runtime files. Even under client/server, there are only a few extra files required in order to run the entire database server. Unlike Microsoft and other's database products, there are no registry entries required, no system DLLs that need to be replaced, no DLL Hell, and no requirements to ship a host of run-time files either. CodeBase makes delivery of database applications SIMPLE!



CodeBase can be used to make your databases available on your web site or corporate intranet using a number of different methods. More...


Small Footprint - Keeps .EXEs small and loads fast

Not only is CodeBase fast, but it is also very compact. This means your executables load faster, and use less system resources. Smaller programs can even help your apps run faster by helping to avoid the disk swapping that occurs when operating systems like Windows runs out of available memory. CodeBase applications are typically smaller than a tenth the size of similar applications written with FoxPro, dBASE, Visual Basic, Delphi, or even the standard database engines bundled with most compilers. For constrained environments such as PDAs or embedded devices, you can make your applications even smaller by using CodeBase for Pocket PC or CodeBase for J2ME.


Programmers with specific needs can reduce the footprint of CodeBase even more. By setting one or more conditional compilation directives, you can remove unneeded functionality from CodeBase.


Precision Query Technology™

With our Precision Queries, you get a unique combination of speed, high level functionality and control. The speed partly comes from sophisticated Bit Optimization, indexing, compression, and bulk data transfer algorithms; in addition, a clever programmer can improve the speed even more by controlling precisely how the indexes are used. Other examples of how Precision Control can be used to improve speed and to get exactly the result you want are as follows:


Search to a specific position in the query and continue from that position. Very little work is done by the computer to move to the starting position. Navigate forward and backward. Sort and filter with or without indexes. Move through the master table and look up other tables in the query under program control. If a record, in a table being looked up from another table, is missing you can control whether that composite record is skipped, whether to go to the next closest record, whether an error is generated, or whether the missing record is replaced by a temporary record of nulls and blanks. Quickly count the number of records in the result set. Indexes can be utilized based on partial index keys.


Scalability - Protect your investment

There is no better way to protect your programming investment than by using a fully scalable database engine. CodeBase scalability means that you can take the same program source code and have it function as either a single- user, networked multi-user or client/server application. With CodeBase, all you have to do is switch DLLs or link with a new library, and you instantly get the functionality you need, without ever having to alter your code! CodeBase grows along with your application's needs.


Very Large Table Support

The maximum table size is 2.1 billion records. In addition, compression support can be used to save disk space and improve performance. The maximum size of index files, which contain sort information, is 4096 gigabytes. We estimate that a table containing 128 indexes, each built on a 60 character field, could support approximately 2 billion records. Furthermore, a single memo field, which contains variable length string or binary data, can be as large as 4 Gigabytes.


Support for International Languages

CodeBase broadens the reach of your applications by including support for international languages including, French, German, Modern Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Japanese. We can easily add support for more collating sequences, so if you need support for a new collating sequence with CodeBase, simply let us know.


Source Code Included

CodeBase includes source code to the Engine API absolutely free. This protects your investment by allowing you to rebuild the library with any changes you might need. It also means you can quickly eradicate any bugs by immediately applying fixes from our tech department and simply rebuilding the CodeBase engine.



       • Flexible Engine API

       • High Performance

       • Portable

       • FoxPro/dBASE/Clipper File Compatible

       • Client/Server

       • Easy Deployment

       • Web-ready

       • Small Footprint

       • Precision Query Technology™

       • Scalable

       • Large Tables

       • International Languages

       • Source Code Included

       • CodeBase Administrator

       • CodeReporter

       • CodeControls

       • Royalty-Free Distribution










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