Computer Accounting Solutions was started in 1984 By Rick Atkeson. We first started our business reselling computer hardware. We were looking for a program to run our business. This was harder than we thought. We settled on a program called TAS Books from a company called Business Tools Inc.

What we found was that we could modify this program for others. To help automate many of their day to day tasks. Since then we have worked on systems for manufacturing, Construction management, Retail point of sale and distributors and wholesalers.

This launched our company and has driven the company to this point in 1990 we purchased a license so we could develop our own version of the program called CAS Accounting. Since then there has been several versions of the software suite. Each version has become significantly more refined and powerful.

In June of 2003 we have purchased the copy distribution rights to TAS Professional 6.0/7.0 and Advanced Accounting 6.0/7.0.  This means that we now have two businesses. The accounting MIS systems we have always had and now the New business of Maintaining a fully windows Business Programming language for our customers. This also allows us to customize the language for your company needs.

We invite you to explore our web site and download our software solutions for your review and hopefully you will become one of our many users of this easy to use but powerful set of business management programs.

Because we are a small company, we can better focus on our customers' needs and provide one on one attention to better serve you, our customer.

In 2006 We added a new chapter and Moved our offices from the crowded Los Angeles area to a more rural area of North Western Arizona.


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